Making Change Happen Faster: Exploring Single Session Therapy

Single-session therapy (SST) is a brief therapy that can effectively manage all sorts of issues, including anxiety and stress, relationship problems, family and parenting issues, work issues and life transitions. 

Single-session therapy is one goal-oriented and empowering session with a therapist and is becoming increasingly popular as a time and cost-effective intervention. As well as an affordable and convenient option, it can be as effective as longer-term therapy. In one session, you and your therapist work together to identify your goals, develop a plan to achieve them and provide you with tools and resources to help.

SST is a great option when you are experiencing a short-term problem or are unsure if you want to commit to longer-term therapy. It allows you to find out what therapy is like whilst helping you find ways to get moving again.

What are the benefits of single-session therapy?

Quick relief

Single-session therapy can quickly relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, low mood and depression. You and your therapist can focus on the issue that's bothering you and develop a plan to address it in a single session. It allows you to manage your concerns, gain insights, and develop coping strategies in a short period, making it ideal for those with time constraints or seeking immediate support.

Increased self-awareness

Single-session therapy can help to boost your self-awareness and understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. You will find you build coping skills, such as relaxation techniques, problem-solving and communication. You can manage difficult situations by actively participating in your healing process.

Accessible support

Single-session therapy offers accessible support for people who may not be ready for or require longer-term counselling. It is a great entry point for you if you are hesitant about therapy or seeking support for specific issues. Its accessibility breaks barriers and the stigma sometimes associated with therapy and mental health support, appealing to more people.


Single-session therapy is cost and time-effective compared to traditional longer-term therapy. It is a brief intervention where you can receive focused and actionable insights without the commitment of multiple sessions.

Focussed and goal-oriented

Single-session therapy is goal-oriented, focusing on specific issues or challenges. You collaborate with your therapist to define clear objectives for the session, enabling a targeted and efficient approach to problem-solving. It is excellent for specific concerns, such as decision-making dilemmas, anxiety before important events, parenting skills, or recent life changes.


Research into the efficacy of single-session therapy indicates it is effective. Many people who have received a one-off session reported feeling better after the session and said it helped them understand their problems and develop coping skills.

What are some challenges of single-session therapy? 

  • The limited time frame is the main challenge, so a clear session goal is vital. We will establish this together at the beginning of your session. 
  • There are also some situations where longer-term therapy may be more appropriate. Get in touch for an introduction call to help you decide whether single-session therapy is the right option.

Single-session therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist. When we work together, I will help you identify and develop a plan to achieve your session goals. Sessions typically focus on problem-solving and finding coping skills that work for you.

Single-session therapy with me puts your needs and goals at the centre of the session, ensuring a personalised and meaningful experience. I specialise in short-term counselling, so if you feel this might be helpful to you or if you have any questions, get in touch with me.