Build strong, positive relationships while looking after yourself

Welcome to Talk to Jenny Counselling, online counsellor based in Peacehaven, East Sussex

Balancing work, home, and family can be tricky,

leaving you overwhelmed and exhausted.

Life can feel complicated and busy, and you're left feeling you're letting down the people who depend on you. You might be so busy that you don't even have time for yourself, and you feel guilty about asking for help.

You don't have to feel this way!

I can help you develop and manage healthy, positive relationships with the people who matter most to you so that you can get on with your life.

Together, we can work on:

  • Establishing clear boundaries
  • Understanding your own emotions as well as those of others
  • Communicating openly and honestly 
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Addressing conflict
  • Accepting and being kind to yourself 

Let's work together to make your life more manageable and fulfilling!

My name is Jenny Warwick, and I'm a fully qualified counsellor.

You can find out more HERE if you want to learn more about my training and qualifications.

I am a person-centred counsellor, so our discussions will revolve around what is most important to you. We'll work together to see where your difficulties or issues may come from and, more importantly, develop strategies to help you manage them and get on with your life.

As a specialist in supporting parents and carers of tweens and teens, I can offer you the guidance you need to navigate this transformative stage and support your family's well-being.

In addition to this, I also provide single-session therapy which you can find out more about HERE.

We will work together online so that you can get the support you need conveniently and effectively whenever you need it. We will set goals and work together to achieve them.

I am located in Peacehaven, between Brighton and Eastbourne in East Sussex. However, I am available online and can assist you anywhere in the UK.


Let go of guilt and the pressure to be perfect.

You deserve to prioritise self-care and be there for those who rely on you.

Click here to go to my contact details and find out how I can support you.

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Counselling, as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

1 . Initial call

We'll start with a 10-minute call to get to know each other and see if we can work together.

2 . Book appointment

We'll book our first session if we both feel we're a good fit.

3 . Video call

You can start your healing journey from the comfort of your own home with a video call.