Empower Hour

(Single Session Therapy)

Get the support you need in just one session!

Are you feeling stuck with a particular issue in your life?

The Empower Hour can help you get unstuck!

It's a one-time, single session of solution-focused, brief therapy offering short-term support and guidance to help you quickly work through one particular issue.

During the Empower Hour, you will: 

  • Receive help navigating challenges in your relationships and finding ways to communicate more effectively. 
  • Learn tools and coping strategies to manage your anxiety and stress. 
  • Receive support and guidance to manage transitions.
  • Find ways to feel more positive and increase your confidence. 

Some frequently asked questions...

What is the Empower Hour?

The Empower Hour is a single therapy session. Single-session therapy is a brief approach that addresses your specific concerns or issues within one session. The Empower Hour's primary focus is to provide immediate support, insight, and strategies to help you cope with a particular issue or challenge.

What's special about this?

This is a session for focused troubleshooting and problem-solving. A single therapy session through an Empower Hour is efficient, convenient, and affordable, helping you achieve your goals quickly and effectively. 

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How much does it cost?

This single session is £80, lasts 60 minutes and includes a 15 minute, follow-up chat 2-3 weeks later.

How do I book an Empower Hour?

If you're interested in learning more about the Empower Hour of single-session therapy and want to see if it's the right fit, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Is the Empower Hour suitable for everyone?

Single-session therapy is suitable if you have specific concerns or issues you want to address within a brief timeframe. Some problems need more in-depth support than a single session can provide, and if this is the case, I'll let you know.

It is important to note that single-session therapy is not suitable for dealing with crises.

What kind of issues can be addressed in an Empower Hour?

During an Empower Hour, we can effectively tackle a wide range of issues . Whether it's related to relationships, personal growth, or specific challenges you're facing, the focus is on providing support and strategies within the session. The session is flexible and personalised to empower you to address your specific challenge.

Can just one session make a difference?

Yes! One Empower Hour session is designed to provide immediate support, strategies, insights, clarity, and practical tools specific to your concerns.

What if I want more than one session?

You don't have to stop therapy after just one session. An Empower Hour is an excellent opportunity to experience a therapy session with me and determine whether or not it suits your needs. If we both agree that additional sessions would be beneficial, we can schedule them accordingly.

How will my session work?

During the session, we will:

  • Agree on a focus to work together on
  • Have an end-of-session goal
  • Keep on track with this one issue
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Help you identify resources around you
  • Identify your choices and options 
  • Identify what has worked, and what hasn't, in the past
  • Work out your next steps

You will:

  • Be open-minded in the session
  • Think about what you want from this process and let me know
  • Be an active participant in the session
  • Develop an action plan
  • Discuss any doubts or reservations with me in the session

After the session, you will:

  • Reflect on what we have discussed
  • Put the plan into action

The Empower Hour also includes a 15-minute follow-up chat, 

2-3 weeks later, to check how you're doing. 

During this session, we will discuss a specific issue you want to resolve. This step may be enough to solve the problem, or we might identify that more sessions are required. If needed, we can agree on a plan and schedule recurring sessions. However, the main focus of the Empower Hour is to help you thrash out the issue with an objective perspective.

Remember that this won't solve all your problems instantly, but it will help you work out the following steps to achieve your goal.

And Finally...

These sessions are not appropriate for dealing with people who are in crisis - if you are in urgent need of help,

please consider contacting one of these organisations: