Mean Teens: Helping Your Teen Cope with Friendship Issues
  When your teenager gets excluded from their circle of friends, it can be a painful experience for them and you. Seeing them struggle to navigate the complexities of friendship breakups is tough. You may remember similar situations from your childhood, which can feel especially heartbreaking when they happen to your child. Friendship breakups can […]
Navigating Teenhood: And Rediscovering Yourself
As your child hits their tween years, it can feel quite overwhelming. With all the ups and downs, laughter and eye rolls, have you ever considered how this journey impacts you as the parent or caregiver? It's important to give yourself some credit. After all, you are the superhero behind the scenes, ensuring homework is […]
Happy Teens 101: Counsellor-Approved Tips for Raising Happy Adolescents
As parents and carers, we all want the best outcomes for our children, including their happiness, health and resilience. However, raising teenagers and preteens is both an art and a science. Here are six practical tips and suggestions that can help you influence your child's happiness and wellbeing and raise them to be happy and […]