Getting Over the ‘ick: Navigating Challenges for Stronger Bonds
Have you ever experienced 'the ick'? Is it something you're going through now? Concerned that your partner might be feeling 'the ick' about you? Is it a deal-breaker, or is recovery possible? Definition: The 'ick' is a sudden feeling of disgust or repulsion towards a dating partner someone was previously attracted to, leading to boredom, […]
Raising Teens and Riding Waves: A Parent’s Survival Guide
As your child hurtles into adolescence and their teen years, you can be carried along on their emotional rollercoaster on a ride you weren't quite prepared for! Biological shifts, hormonal surges, and intense emotions create quite the journey. How can you ensure you and your teen emerge from this journey in one piece? Understanding the […]
Beyond Words: Understanding the Silent Treatment in Relationships
Silent treatment is when one person withdraws interaction from another, refusing to engage, leaving the other person feeling like they've been shut out. The person on the receiving end of this can feel invisible, excluded, and insignificant. It is not great for relationships and can lead to their breakdown. Someone can use the silent treatment […]