Beyond Words: Understanding the Silent Treatment in Relationships
Silent treatment is when one person withdraws interaction from another, refusing to engage, leaving the other person feeling like they've been shut out. The person on the receiving end of this can feel invisible, excluded, and insignificant. It is not great for relationships and can lead to their breakdown. Someone can use the silent treatment […]
Navigating the Teen Years: A Parent’s Guide to Peer Pressure
Imagine your teenager coming home after a long day at school, their face revealing the burden of countless emotions. They casually throw their bag onto the sofa, sighing loudly, signalling that something is troubling them. As a parent or carer of a teen or nearly teenage child, you often find yourself standing at a crossroads […]
Breaking the Chains of Overthinking: A Guide to Emotional Hypervigilance
In the fast-paced rhythm of our lives, do you ever find yourself caught in the unrelenting dance of worry? Does your mind replay conversations like a broken record, scrutinising every word and gesture for hidden meanings? Do you feel tense in your body, whisper of headaches, and yearn for restful sleep that seems elusive? If […]