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Am I a good parent?
Being a parent is hard - there is so much pressure on mums and dads to be perfect parents. Parenting is not an exact science. Your job as a parent is to raise kids that are happy, kind and resilient. Just as you don’t expect your kids to be perfect, don’t put unrealistic, unattainable pressure on yourself. […]
Back to School 2021
As the new academic year starts (in the UK), you may well feel worried about your children going back to school with all that entails. It’s a lot to take in, and it’s normal to have mixed feelings about these changes. All added to the fact that you're more than likely already feeling drained after […]
Can my relationship survive an affair?
Infidelity is the number one cause of relationship break-ups, separation and divorce. It causes distress, mistrust, friction, resentment and conflict. A relationship with a romantic partner is there to provide love, comfort and security. If this trust breaks, the quick reaction is to put all the blame and responsibility onto the person who cheated; the […]