Rise and Shine: 5 ways to get your teenager out of bed in the morning
Getting your teen or nearly teenage child out of bed in the morning can feel like an impossible dream but it is possible - it might take a little time to work out but you will get there. Sleep is vital to well-being, so if there's one thing you need to safeguard, it's your teenager's […]
How to say no (and stress less)
No is such a tiny little word, so how come it can so often feel overwhelmingly impossible to say? It's all about boundaries Our ability to set a boundary - or to be on the receiving end of one - may come from a belief we are not even aware of. Experiences from when you […]
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How to connect with your tween or teen
Practising being more present and mindful helps you manage stressful situations and tricky emotions when life gets complicated. And if it helps you feel better, it will also help your kids, no matter how old they are. What does being present mean? It means that you aren't thinking about what might happen in the future, […]